Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Constipation

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Don't ignore Constipation:

Constipation is defined as the inability to produce regular bowel movements, often coupled with chronic inflammation and hard to pass stools. It has become one of the most common digestive issues in the America because food sources have been increasingly removed from their source nutrition as commercial processing has taken over. This has caused dietary fiber from a wide range of foods to be absent in the diet compared to previous decades. On top of that, stress, lifestyle changes and chronic inflammatory conditions can also lead to constipation.


Other common causes of constipation include:

  • Low fiber diet
  • High intake of dairy and processed meat
  • Dehydration and alcohol abuse
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Medications like NSAIDS
  • Pregnancy


When the microbiome is in distress it can cause a condition called dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is an imbalance of the bacteria that makes up the microbiome in the colon. Studies indicate that constipation could be a consequence of intestinal dysbiosis and leaky gut. Eating fiber, which acts like a prebiotic, and other nutritious foods can help alleviate chronic constipation.  When the microbiome is in balance the bacteria in the gut digest fiber to produce short chain fatty acids, AKA Postbiotics. One of the main postbiotics is an extremely important molecule called butyrate.


Production of these postbiotics (like butyrate) has been shown to support gut barrier function by stimulating mucus production in the colon. This not only helps promote healthy bowel movements, but it also helps the cells that line the colon. These cells use butyrate as its main fuel source which can also help aid in alleviating leaky gut. Postbiotics also help regulate inflammatory activities in the colonic tissue which can help with chronic constipation.


Klora’s Gut-Renew contains butyrate in the form of tributyrin which provides energy for the cells in the large intestine. It promotes the formation of healthy digestive cells, modulates immune function, and helps the integrity of the GI barrier which can aid in constipation.



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