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Klora supports gut, skin, brain and immune health with science backed ingredients

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The state of steady internal, physical, and chemical conditions maintained by living systems.

Our mission:

Achieving homeostasis through the gut-mind-body connection.

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Get right with your gut

First Month Save 50% Klora Gut-Renew monthly subscription box with prebiotic and postbiotic capsules for gut health

Gut-Renew Monthly Starter Kit

Promotes good gut bacteria and boosts your GI immunity*

klora gut and mind signature shapes Gut + MindFormula
$49.99 $60
1 Month Supply Get Started 50% OFF
No minimum commitment Free & Easy Cancellation
First Month Save 50% klora bloat-digest gut health subscription kit

Bloat-Digest Monthly Starter Kit

Designed to specifically target different aspects of digestion

klora gut and body signature shapes Gut + BodyFormula
$39.99 $50
1 Month Supply Get Started 50% OFF
No minimum commitment Free & Easy Cancellation

We’re better than the rest, and we can prove it!

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Third-Party Tested
Traceable Ingredients
Synthetic Filler-Free
GMP Certified Facility
FDA Registered Facility

Loved by customers, physician approved


“I love it! No more bloat!! I normally always bloat really bad after I eat any kind of carb. This has honestly helped me so much!”


“I’m a total nerd when it comes to digestive health and I’ve basically tried every product out there. Super impressed with Klora! This is the real deal!"


“I've suffered from digestive issues my entire life. I can proudly say, now that I've taken Klora, my gut problems are gone! This is an amazing product!"


“This is amazing! I feel so much better, especially after eating. No more bloating. Klora is a complete game changer!”


“All I can say is, WOW! I've tried so many different supplements, but nothing compares to Klora. I haven't felt this good in years! Thank you Klora!!"


“I used to get so uncomfortable every time I ate. I'd get full and bloated almost immediately, but Klora saved my life! Definitely Recommend!

Decades of science formulated together for the first time ever.

Klora’s formulas contain products that are backed by decades of scientific research and high-quality ingredients. Every ingredient has been hand-selected from tested sources that back up our formula’s efficacy and use. Each batch has been tested for purity and potency.

See How it Works
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Clean, Traceable Ingredients
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No artifical Flavors or synthetic fillers
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Third-Party Tested
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The best version of you, delivered monthly

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Klora Gut-Renew Prebiotic and Postbiotic Subscription Kit
Dr. Parekh, DPM



Finding the right product is frustrating...

From a consumer point of view the lack of options for gut health was extremely frustrating. My co-founders and I created Klora rooted in the belief that the key to human homeostasis (AKA whole body balance & wellness) stems directly from the gut!

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