Our Story

“Clean Flora” is where the name was derived. Klora makes science-backed “gut-mind-body” formulas to help achieve homeostasis. Our goal is to attain balanced steady internal, physical, and chemical conditions for optimal human functioning.

Before Klora

In 2016, while I was in residency, I went to Asia for an elective surgical rotation. While I was there, I got severe food poisoning which led me to take some heavy antibiotics and it turned out this absolutely destroyed my microbiome. I got better for a bit, but a few months later I experienced severe inflammatory symptoms which included brain fog, nutrient deficiencies, insomnia, chronic pain, and fatigue- it was a nightmare.

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The Solution

Over the next 2 years I went to multiple doctors searching for a solution. They gave me a range of diagnoses which included food insensitivity, parasites, reflux, and even intestinal bowel disease. I was extremely frustrated with my symptoms, which were relentless- a burden I could not shake despite my optimism.

Imagine from my perspective at this point in time- I was a physician, a consumer, and now a patient and I could not figure out what was wrong with me.

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A Better, Heathlier Life

It wasn't until I started to optimize my microbiome and my gut health, that I started to feel better. I realized quickly thereafter that there was a strong connection between the gut, brain and even the body.

After my return to health, I went back to graduate school to pursue a degree in nutrition which led me to learn even more about the microbiome and its immense importance in our everyday wellness. I met my co-founders Dan and Jon who also had similar experiences in their health journey, and we decided to create Klora to emphasize the three key pillars for health: Gut, Mind, Body. I encourage everyone to There’s always a way to better health- as long as you listen to what your body has to say!

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