What Are Postbiotics?

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Even though it sounds like the latest trend in social media, Postbiotics are not a new phenomenon.


Postbiotics are bioactive compounds that are made when the healthy bacteria in your gut (probiotics) feed on various types of prebiotic food in your colon. The digestive tract is a unique ecosystem that houses trillions of bacteria, some good and many bad. Probiotic supplements may seem like an easy fix for restoring balance in this environment by providing "good" bugs but it turns out that their waste products are what's actually beneficial!


What many people do not realize is that postbiotic remedies have been used for centuries to promote health and prevent illness. Butyrate is actually found in foods like ghee and it works with your body's good flora by helping fuel the cells (colonocytes) of the digestive tract.


The health benefits associated with these postbiotics are that they can offer you a variety of different physical and emotional healing properties such as greater mood regulation or boosting the immune system. Some studies show they play a role regulating immune system function while others reveal protection against certain cancers and lowering cholesterol levels.


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