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“Klora products are impressive. My overall health has radically improved since taking these.”

- Marika C.

“Game Changer!”

“I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have found klora. GERD = gone!! 🙌🏼!

- Nick

“The Best”

“I'm less bloated, zero gas and I'm even sleeping better which I was not expecting. 10 stars”

- Jen S.

"Never Felt Better"

“Klora's products are just amazing! I've never felt better, no more bloating and no more feeling sluggish! Thank You!"

- John W.

We’ve combined a prebiotic with a postbiotic to create the most powerful SKIN &GUT support formula

Klora Gut-Renew prebiotic and postbiotic capsule

Discover the benefits of Gut-Renew

Help optimize the GUT- SKIN AXIS*

Gut Wall Integrity*

klora Gut wall integrity icon

2’FL (2'-Fucosyllactose) promotes the metabolism of short chain fatty acids which may help feed the cells of the digestive tract and promote the integrity of the gut wall barrier*

Skin Health*

Klora Cellular Health Icon

Pre and Postbiotics support Clear, Plump and Radiant Skin*

Microbial Diversity*

Klora Microbial Diversity Icon

Butyrate may help microbial diversity which can aid to keep more regular bowel movements for less pain and constipation*

Enhance Sleep*

Klora Enhance Sleep Icon

Postbiotics like Butyrate may support important functions that promote sleep generating mechanisms in the brain*

Brain Fog*

Klora Benefits Brain Fog Icon

Butyrate in the form of Corebiome® may have a profound impact on improving memory, learning, and healthy brain neurons*


Klora Gut Health Benefits Immunity Icon

2’Fl (2'-Fucosyllactose) may aid healthy immune responses to environmental stress in multiple sites throughout the body*

We are obsessed with quality

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Clean, Traceable Ingredients

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No Artificial Flavors or Synthetic Fillers

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Third-Party Tested

What is Gut-Renew?

The ingredients inside our Gut-Renew Capsules may help promote good bacterial diversity in the colon and support the cellular health of the entire digestive tract. 2’FL is a potent human milk oligosaccharide (HMO) that acts as a prebiotic. Butyrate is a postbiotic that is made from the metabolism of probiotics which create short chain fatty acids (SCFA)*


2’FL acts as a prebiotic and modulator of the adult gut microbiota. Prebiotics may help feed good bacteria, aka probiotics, in the gut. 2’FL promotes an increase in colonies of beneficial strains like bifidobacteria which helps with numerous other system in the body*


Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid (SCFA) in the form of Corebiome’s tributyrin. Butyrate is a biproduct of healthy gut bacterial metabolism. This powerful postbiotic is engineered to get down to the colon to provide strength to the gut barrier and help cellular health*

Klora Gut-Renew Gut Health Capsule with prebiotic and postbiotic combined
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Klora Gut-Renew Gut Health Capsule with prebiotic and postbiotic combined
Klora formula no wheat icon


Klora formula no soy icon


Klora formula no nuts icon


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Klora formula no corn icon


What’s the difference?

Prebiotics vs Probiotics vs Postbiotics

Klora prebiotic icon

Prebiotic: The food that feeds the living microbes (probiotics).

Klora probiotic icon

Probiotic: The living microbes in food that populate our gut and give us health benefits (good bacteria).

klora postbiotic icon

Postbiotic: The byproduct or waste that your microbes (probiotics) create from feeding on prebiotics. (food, microbe, shield).

We’re better than the rest, and we can prove it!

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Includes Pre+Postbiotic
Capsule in Capsule Technology
Third-Party Tested
No Synthetic Fillers
Contains Corebiome
FDA Certified Facility

The best version of you, delivered monthly

First Month Save % Klora Gut-Renew prebiotic and postbiotic gut health formula subscription kit

Month 1 - Welcome Kit

Refillable, Child-Proof Glass Jar. 1 month supply of capsules

First Month Save % Klora Gut-Renew prebiotic and postbiotic gut health formula refill pack

Month 2 and After - Refills

Pill Sachets containing your monthly supply to refill your jar.

1 Month Supply
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No minimum commitment, Free & Easy Cancellation, Control your delivery schedule

We love your questions!

Our team of science nerds and health experts can’t wait to give you answers.

Why Should I take Gut-Renew?

Here's the top three reasons why you could benefit from Gut-Renew!

1. Supports a healthy and balanced digestive system - the pre/ post biotic formula helps to restore GI function by promoting good flora and fueling the cells of the colon.

2. Restores GI Lining and Function - Butyrate helps build a strong mucosa barrier and provides energy to the colonocytes which is critical to a healthy digestive system.

3.Promote Good bacteria and Immune Strength – The 2’Fl prebiotic encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria and hinders the growth of many harmful bacteria.

Does the 2’-FL prebiotic come from actual breast milk?

No, the 2’FL we use is a HMO (human milk oligosaccharide) that is bioidentical to the one found in breast milk. It does not contain actual breastmilk.

Can I take the Gut-Renew on an empty stomach?

Gut-Renew should be taken on an empty stomach for maximum effectiveness.

How is Gut-Renew different than any other supplements?

The Gut-Renew capsules are a combination of two powerful ingredients that help promote good bacteria and support the cells of the digestive system at the same time. 2’Fl is a powerful human milk oligosaccharide (HMO) prebiotic that is identical to the molecular structure found in breast milk. It helps immune function by feeding the good bacteria and by increasing microbiome diversity.

Butyrate in the form of Tributyrin provides energy for the cells in the large intestine. It promotes the formation of healthy digestive cells, modulates immune function and helps the integrity of the GI barrier.

My Gut-Renew pills taste slightly this normal?

Yes, it's completely normal. The butyrate (liquid post-biotic) evaporates and leaves a bitterness on the outside of the pill. This is normal and just means that the post-biotic is potent. We recommend taking the pills with a large glass of water to reduce any bitterness.

Can I take Gut-Renew and Vegan Bloat-Digest together?

Yes! Many people have issues with bloating and digestion and our Bloat-Digest Enzymes can be used with the Gut-Renew.

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Hillary C.
United States United States


I’m still deciding if I want to continue. I haven’t seen great results yet but it hasn’t been 3 months yet.

Annette S.
United States United States

Saved my Digestion Issues

Phenomenal. Can't believe I ever lived without these. My digestion is now regular and the horrendous stomach pains I used to have are now gone as well! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Annette S.
United States United States


Both products are absolutely fantastic. I have had digestive issues since I can remember and ever since I became consistent with Klora, I can finally say I have a healthy gut and regular digestion