I Tried Klora’s Bloat-Digest for 3 Months - Here’s My Experience

I Tried Klora’s Bloat-Digest for 3 Months - Here’s My Experience 

I’ve been taking Klora’ Bloat Digest digestive enzymes for three months to improve my gut health. Read on for my honest review, a look into my personal experience with the supplement, and if it’s worth trying!

My Story 

You know that awful feeling of fullness in your belly when your stomach seems to have grown a few times in size, and you can’t seem to get relief? I know - bloating is not fun and can be pretty embarrassing. After years of struggling with bloating, stomach discomfort and indigestion, and trying countless supplements, I was determined to find a solution that would finally work.

I was over the stomach pain, bloating, constipation and even fatigue that I’d often feel after eating. I also struggled with skin issues for years, unsure if my problematic skin resulted from an unbalanced gut. As a health-conscious mom, wife and corporate professional, I needed something I could rely on to keep me feeling my best, so I could be my best for my family and at work. But navigating the world of supplements can be tricky, trying to figure out exactly what you need and what will work. Probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, antacids - it’s enough to make your head spin. 

Finding a Solution 

Then I came across the brand Klora on Instagram. They made it easy from the beginning because they had a quiz I was able to take to help me pinpoint what would work best for me based on my specific stomach issues. My quiz results directed me to the Bloat Digest Monthly Starter Kit. The kit included capsules I was supposed to take before or with two of the largest meals of the day, but I could also take them as needed. And the list of benefits was great: reduction of bloating, helping with fatigue after meals, better digestion and absorption of nutrients, improvement of skin, etc. And I even liked the packaging! The bright, mint green color was pleasant and inviting - not clinical and off-putting like other brands’ products tend to be. 

Why Gut Health is Crucial

Most people underestimate the importance of their gut health. But the health of our gut matters more to our overall health and happiness than we realize. In fact, 70% of the immune system and our body’s supply of serotonin both reside in the gut! So, it makes sense that if our digestion is off, we generally feel off. 

Issues related to indigestion affect more than 65 million Americans and cause symptoms like bloating, brain fog, low energy and chronic inflammation. There is a strong connection between the body and gut, and new research seems to indicate that taking care of gut health can optimize overall health - and therefore, help with all of the symptoms described above. 

As for me and my chronic bloating and stomach discomfort, I have tried various supplements throughout the years. But nothing seemed to work for me. It seemed impossible to find the right combination that would work specifically for my needs - until I found Klora. 

What Makes Klora Special 

Kloras’ Bloat Digest targets bloating, indigestion, and other gut-related issues with a special blend of vegan digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes play a critical role in better digestion, helping to break down the food we eat more efficiently. The blend in Klora’s formula includes enzymes like papain, bromelain, amylase, lactate and cellulase that each bring their own benefits to optimize digestion of food. 

Klora’s Bloat Digest is designed to treat bloating as well as help with other issues related to indigestion. More efficient breakdown of food can help reduce constipation and increase nutrient absorption - so instead of feeling sluggish after a meal, you get the nutrients your body needs and feel energized! Enzymes also help support the cells that line the digestive tract, helping to prevent other gut-related issues. Plus, since there is a connection between the skin and gut, optimizing digestion has been shown to help improve lipid metabolism which can lead to clearer, healthier skin.

How Klora Worked For Me

So, you’re probably wondering about my verdict. Let’s just say that incorporating Klora’s digestive enzymes into my life was the beginning of a bigger wellness journey. And I feel better than ever. Let’s take a closer look at my progress. 

I have been taking Klora’s Bloat Digest for three months now before my meals throughout the day.  In the first week, I noticed I already felt my symptoms of indigestion begin to improve with less bloating and stomach discomfort. I also had more bathroom regularity because my body was now breaking down food better - so it was moving through my digestive tract the way it should. 

By week three, I noticed an increase in energy and that I was no longer feeling that listless, intense lethargy after eating. This meant my body was finally absorbing nutrients properly! 

I also feel more effective and productive in many areas of my life. It’s hard to explain, but it’s almost like I feel more “me.” As if before I treated my indigestion, I was living life in a cloud of brain fog. Besides feeling clearer of mind, my skin is now also significantly clearer. I noticed a more radiant and even complexion after around eight weeks. 

Because I’m no longer experiencing energy crashes after eating, I feel more energized and motivated to work out in the gym. I have never been consistent with working out, but I feel like Klora’s digestive enzymes have given me the push I needed. I am now looking into trying Klora’s Gut Renew as well for the perfect blend of prebiotics and postbiotics because I now believe so much in a healthy gut microbiome. I truly believe that a happy and healthy gut is key to overall optimized well-being. Based upon my success, I say if you’re looking to enhance your gut health and feel better so you can fully enjoy life, Klora is definitely worth a try.