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  • Microbiome Diversity*

  • Leaky Gut & IBS Support*

  • Constipation & Diarrhea*

  • Enhance Sleep*

  • Brain Fog*

  • Gut Wall Integrity*

Happy Gut Daily Regiment



Take two capsules every weekday on an empty stomach. Skip on Weekends and resume regiment Mondays.



Within 4 weeks start seeing the benefits of Gut-Renew including better bowel movements, bloating, and indigestion!

Discover the Benefits

Weak Gut Wall Barrier*

2’FL (2'-Fucosyllactose) promotes the metabolism of short chain fatty acids which may help feed the cells of the digestive tract and promote the integrity of the gut wall barrier*

Homeostasis Disruptors*

Butyrate may decrease harmful mechanisms in the body and help alleviate the biological response associated with dysbiosis*

Microbial Diversity Loss*

Butyrate may help microbial diversity which can aid to keep more regular bowel movements for less pain and constipation*


Postbiotics like Butyrate may support important functions that promote sleep generating mechanisms in the brain*

Brain Fog*

Butyrate in the form of Corebiome® may have a profound impact on improving memory, learning, and healthy brain neurons*


2’Fl (2'-Fucosyllactose) may aid healthy immune responses to environmental stress in multiple sites throughout the body*

We’ve combined a prebiotic with a postbiotic to create the most powerful daily gut formula

We’re Obsessed With Quality

Clean, Traceable Ingredients


No Artificial Flavors or Synthetic Fillers

Third-Party Tested

What is Gut-Renew?

The ingredients inside our Gut-Renew Capsules may help promote good bacterial diversity in the colon and support the cellular health of the entire digestive tract. 2'FL is a potent human milk oligasaccharide (HMO) that acts as a prebiotic. Butyrote is a postbiotic that is made from the metabolism of probiotics which create short chain fatty acids (SCFA)+.

2'FL acts as a prebiotic and modulator of the adult gut microbiota. Prebiotics may help feed good bacteria, aka probiotics, in the gut. 2'FL promotes an increase in colonies of beneficial stains like bifidobacteria which helps with numerous other system in the body.*

Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid (SCFA) in the form of Corebiome's tributyrin. Butyrate is a biproduct of healthy gut bacterial metabolism. This powerful postbiotic is engineered to get down to the colon to provide strength to the gut barrier and help cellular health.

The results speak for themselves— and we’re just getting started!

I love Klora so much!


I love Klora so much! I used to struggle with the worst insomnia ever before using these supplements and after 2 weeks my sleep is so much better. Who would have thought that I could get that outcome from simply renewing my gut?!?

- Christine O.

Super thankful


Since I started taking Klora, my indigestion and bloating have gotten so much better. I can finally get past 8 PM without the fear of waking up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps. Super thankful

- CiCi K.



Since taking gut-renew I immediately noticed an improvement in my digestion, as well as my overall mood and attention span. It’s so important to think of wellness as a mind-body gut experience and Klora’s approach to this is on point. Highly recommend!!

- Andrea

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